Wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are in your walls, attic, crawlspace, home or yard, we can help get them removed. We use all different types of trapping methods as well as excluder valves and pheromones. Vermin X Pest Control takes after hour calls because we know that most wildlife moves at night. During our inspections we find all areas of entry so we can seal them out and keep them out. All material we use is strong and durable to custom fit each area. All exclusion work has a 1 year warranty to ensure they do not return. Inspections are key in identifying the pest, openings and solution. So contact Vermin X if you hear activity in your home.

Vermin X Pest Control Pest Control is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service (TDA SPCS).
The TDA SPCS is responsible for the licensure and regulation of Texas pest management professionals.
The SPCS provides many resources including a Complaint Process for pest management professionals and the general public.